Privacy Policy

Website usage:

Anyone visiting our website does so voluntarily. Use of our website is not required to do business with our company. Our website may or may not use cookies at any given time. Cookies enable website usability only and are not used to track, store or otherwise gather personal information from or about a visitor.

Personal information:

Use of the contact form is completely voluntary by the website visitor and is not required to use the website or do business with our company.
Contact form information that is voluntarily submitted is used for the purpose of providing services to the visitor.
Contact form information is sent via email to our company and is not stored in any other way or by any other means.
Contact form information may be shared with our partner organization in order to offer complimentary services geared toward the customer’s desired objective.
We will not share information gleaned from the use of the contact form with any other organization except as mentioned above. We will not sell your information to any other organization or party.

Links to other websites:

This website may have links to our partner website(s). Partner websites are responsible for their content.

Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy could change at any time and will be updated accordingly. Check this page in the future to review any possible changes.

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